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< previous page page_70 next page > Page 70 Figure 4.6 Logic of flows according to the rules of system dynamics modelling A level may be followed by an auxiliary or rate. An auxiliary may be followed by another auxiliary or by a rate. A rate must be followed by a
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level. A level may not directly affect another level. Now all the symbols of SD diagrams have been introduced, and are consolidated in Figure 4.7, so we need only to show how this symbolic expression can be translated into a mathematical representation. By using a simple code (with DYNAMO) or use of symbols (with STELLA) we can then enter the model into SD software that does all the rest of the work on the user's command. We will pursue the example of stock level control. Let us develop equations that are in exact notation form
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Unformatted text preview: for entry into a DYNAMO (DYNAmic MOdelling) computer simulation program. DYNAMO is helpful, not only because it carries out simulation, but also because it presents results in either tabular or graphical form. This software has been developed further into the more versatile Professional DYNAMO. We will assume that we have a stock level of 1000, say of a particular model of car, and that over a month we expect to sell 800 of them, and because of that we have planned to manufacture 800. This can be represented as SL (1) = SL (0) + 800 - 800 = 1000 (4.1) The stock level at the end of the month SL (1) is calculated from the stock < previous page page_70 next page >...
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page_70 - for entry into a DYNAMO (DYNAmic MOdelling)...

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