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< previous page page_74 next page > Page 74 underlies behaviour, although exact precision is not necessary. Third, is the need for detailed implementation where precision is vital. It is argued that the spectrum from qualitative signed digraphs through to ''exact" quantitative mathematical models meets the needs of all of the three stages in decision making. Our first interest might be a qualitative one, in the signed digraph conceptualisation that precedes mathematical model formulation. Analysis of the microstructure may offer some insight. The loops of the model can be identified and classified as either positive or negative. We can think about loop multiplicity, how the loops interact and which loops appear to be central. This better-than-intuitive analysis can be developed into a quite sophisticated loop analysis, but this is beyond the scope of the current study. Loops can, however, be further understood by assessing the time scale (or length) associated with the operation
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of a loop. As a first step we
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