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< previous page page_78 next page > Page 78 either deemed to be objective and specific (manufacturing time as a response to demand) to an organisation, or subjective and judgemental according to the company's or manager's policies (the desired amount of stock to be held). For the reader to appreciate the power of such an enquiry method, access to a computer will be needed at some stage (for most situations either the use of a Personal Computer to run equation DYNAMO or an Apple Macintosh to run the icon based STELLAwhich has been used in this example). We have briefly explained how a simple computer simulation model can be constructed to enable managers to "play around" with the variables which can be directly influenced. 4.7 Critique of SD
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There are plenty of criticisms of system dynamics which have appeared in the literature since Forrester's first efforts at formulating the approach in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
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