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< previous page page_80 next page > Page 80 studied, in the way of system dynamics, objectively from the outside. Rather it is necessary to come to terms with human consciousness and to study the world views and actions of the individuals that continually construct and reconstruct them. (c) It follows that the attempt of SD thinkers to model external reality is misguided. Social systems are not only too complex for this but the subjective intentions of human beings cannot be captured in such "objective" models. In particular the emphasis placed upon structure as the means of revealing knowledge about the optimal behaviour of systems cannot be accepted. Social systems are seen, by soft systems thinkers, to be constituted through processes in which different values and conceptions of reality are negotiated and renegotiated. Rather than attempting the impossible task of modelling this overall process, soft systems thinkers are content to build models which contribute to a debate about different
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