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< previous page page_82 next page > Page 82 (b) Soft systems thinkers could forgive SD its lack of precision in areas where precision is difficult to obtainscientific exactitude must sometimes be sacrificed for ready practical usefulness. What they cannot forgive is its attempt to present itself as an objective and neutral approach in the domain of social systems where "objectivity" (at least in the usual sense of that word) and "neutrality" are simply impossible to obtain. Only in very specific circumstances will SD be useful to tackle problem situations in socio- technical systems. First, SD is only recommended for use when particular tasks have been decided upon which require and lend themselves to a rigorous study of structure as a particular means of assessing options on policy and organisation design, that is, where there are identifiable physical flows and information links, and also where elements not considered in the model are unlikely to exert an influence in the foreseeable
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page_82 - Page 82(b Soft...

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