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< previous page page_87 next page > Page 87 Chapter 5 Viable System Diagnosis (VSD) There are two things wrong with the role of science in our society. One is its use as a tool of power, wherever that is concentrated by economic forces. The other is its elite image. None of us wishes to be manipulated by power; and if science is the tool of power, to hell with it. None of us wishes to entrust our liberty to a man in a white laboratory coat, armed with a computer and a row of ball-point pens in his pocket, if he does not share in our humanity. We cannot feed the starving, we cannot stop war; we are in a terrible muddle with education, transportation, the care of the sick and old; institutions are failing, and we often feel unsafe in the streets of our own cities. All this is inefficient. Then it cannot be correct to say that the way to preserve liberty is to be so
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Unformatted text preview: damned inefficient that freedom is not even threatened. We have to become efficient in order to solve our problems; and we have to accept the threat to freedom that this entailsand handle it. Stafford Beer, Designing Freedom, Canadian Broadcasting Company. Two extracts from the 6th lecture given in 1973 called ''The free man in a cybernetic world&quot;. 5.1 Introductio n The viable system model (VSM) of Stafford Beer is a thorough working out of ideas from the science of organisation, or cybernetics. There are some similarities with a system dynamics approach in that both employ techniques of systems modelling, and both types of modelling can be realised as complex networks of interrelated mathematical formulae. From our point of view, however, we shall only deal with the qualitative &lt; previous page page_87 next page &gt;...
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page_87 - damned inefficient that freedom is not even...

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