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page_88 next page > Page 88 aspects of the VSM for social contexts, and how these portray a powerful image of a well organised business, firm or whatever. A main difference from the kind of model usually built in system dynamics, is that the VSM focuses on organisation rather than structure, and assumes that this has an evolutionary nature. As any engineer will know, this is not meant to imply that quantitative simulation models like those of system dynamics cannot be built to represent an evolutionary process; this can be achieved by introducing time-varying parameters such that the structure of the model is itself changeable. This is all right for some purposes, and in fact we have been involved in the construction of such models. But the fact remains that these are phenomenally complicated and inaccessible articulations of certain aspects of reality, and are of no value whatsoever to the everyday manager, planner, decision maker or consultant. What is more, the techniques are
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