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< previous page page_90 next page > Page 90 be used to model a sub-system (a division) in an organisation, that organisation and its supra- system (that of which the system is a part, or a division of). In any viable unit, horizontally interdependent sub-systems (divisions) are integrated and guided by the viable units' "meta-system", or "higher" management levels. Sources of command and control are of particular concern and in the VSM these sources are spread throughout the architecture of the "viable system", which enhances self- organisation and localised management of "problems". Emphasis is placed on the relationship between the viable unit and its environment in terms of influencing and being influenced by it and particularly on using this relationship to promote
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learning. There are many other cybernetic principles that make up the viable system view, from rather simple notions of feedback to important principles such as the Law of Requisite Variety, that is, the variety of the controller must
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page_90 - Page 90 be used...

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