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< previous  page page_93 next page > Page 93 how well the organisation is doing in terms of preparing for the future, by investing in research and development for example, or in terms of more abstract resources like employee morale. Instead, Beer advises adopting three levels of achievement: actuality, capability and potentiality. Actuality refers to the current achievement with existing resources and constraints; capability is the possible achievement using existing resources within existing constraints; and potentiality is what could be achieved by developing resources and removing constraints. These levels can be combined to give three indices (productivity, latency and performancesee Figure 5.2) which can be used as comprehensive measures of performance in relation to all types of resource throughout
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Unformatted text preview: the organisation. Software is available which calculates the indices, registers what is of significance to managers and predicts whether trends are developing which require managerial attention. In this way the essential need for information to be delivered in real time can be satisfied. 5.5 Using the Viable System Model 5.5.1 Introductio n The procedure for using the model to diagnose the faults of a proposed system design or an actual organisation is quite complicated. It can, however, be roughly divided into two activities: System identification (according to the "organisation" of the VSM); Figure 5.2 Indices of performance < previous page page_93 next page >...
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page_93 - the organisation. Software is available which...

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