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< previous page page_104 next page > Page 104 Audit is the general label Beer attaches to audit and control functions designed to ensure that internal homeostasis is maintained. These "channels" are, however, often of a regular and routine nature and enter directly into System 1 (System 3* audit channels). They must be agreed upon, accepted and understood. If this is not done, then it can often lead to System 3 gaining a reputation for autocracy, as had been the case in Fleet Division. By involving System 1 in the design of these activities, senior management can promote shared knowledge and a democratic image. The main audit and control procedures identified and operationalised for Manjaro Fleet were: a Budget Review, Quality Control, Financial and Operational Audits, a Future Vehicle Requirements Forecast and Breakdown Records. Some examples of these audits and the results obtained can be given. Quality control was necessary in order to ensure that vehicles remain usable throughout their productive
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