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< previous page page_109 next page > Page 109 System 5 System 5 deals with strategic decisions and issues of management style. The procedures described earlier were discussed and agreed upon by all the staff at recursion level 1 and those affected at recursion level 0. They were not issued as unquestionable orders, but did create a foundation of the ethos (or culture) of Fleet Division. Once established, the procedures led to smoother relationships within all areas of the company and did resolve the difficulties that had previously led to accusations of corruption. In addition, an attitude of listening to what the staff had to say encouraged responsiveness (previously junior staff were paid little attention). This management style, complementary to a viable system reorganisation, generated positive responses throughout Fleet. Only System 5 can initiate thought beyond the operational and other procedures (e.g. see Procedure 8 that typically
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would need System 5 decisions). We mentioned that
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