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< previous page page_110 next page > Page 110 also offered in a competitive business, and uncertain and unstable political environments. 5.7 Critique of VSD A critique of Beer's viable system model is carried out below making use of the meta- paradigmatic net which we have developed for the purpose of critiquing methodologies. Theor y (a) The cybernetic model is held by some to give an impoverished, or subset, picture of the organisation. It emphasises organisational structure and communication and control processesthe
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machine-like qualities of organisationsbut neglects qualities brought by the human actors who make up organisations. Thus it has little to say about the social processes that go on in organisations, about organisational culture and about politics and power struggles in enterprises. There is something in this complaint although, as we have argued previously, the cybernetic approach offers a very rich exploration of the logic of the brain and organismic metaphors as well as of the
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