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< previous page page_113 next page > Page 113 Beer has done a good job in showing that control and freedom are not necessarily antithetical and in providing the basis for democratic management in a democratic contextif all have participated in a goal setting then they are likely to accept constraints imposed to facilitate goal achievement. It remains the case, however, that the model depends for its proper use and functioning on social conditions which it does not itself sufficiently seek to engineera democratic milieu. Utilit y Another criticism is that the VSM is difficult to apply in practice, particularly because of the resistance it is likely to provoke within an organisation. As long as the viable system model is perceived as simply a more efficient control device, resistance to implementation will obviously be strong. Let us accept, however, that it can offer the prospect of increasing personal freedom, as well as
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efficiency, in pursuit of more widely agreed goals. Then, with proper management, the
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page_113 - Page 113 Beer...

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