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< previous page page_114 next page > Page 114 5.8.1 Introductio n XY Entertainments has grown up and is being run in a very ad hoc manner by its two directors, X and Y. At present the enterprise lacks even a rudimentary organisation chart. It is recognised by Y that, given the range and scale of current activities and the plans for expansion, there is now a need for more formal structures. Y is also aware of certain difficulties, including that of morale in the organisation. She wants a study to be done which will help her and X get an overview of the whole of XY's activities and enable them to begin to put right some of the perceived problems. At the same time, X and Y are keen to protect the informal atmosphere which they believe pervades the company. 5.8.2 Your Task
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Using cybernetic modelling provide for Y an overview of XY and a diagnosis of where the "problems" lie. Also offer some tentative suggestions for redesign. 5.8.3
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