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page_115 next page > Page 115 The XY Club was opened first and proved to be an exceptionally profitable venture. It has recently suffered from severe competition from other clubs and possibly from some management neglect. Nevertheless, its early success financed the development of the XY Hotel and Clifton Bar. The XY Hotel is very successful with businessmen. It does well in the conference trade and houses a high class restaurant. The Clifton Bar was designed as a fashionable, dimly lit, basement pub, providing live music and discos for the younger set. Results have, however, been disappointing. Manager B feels that the Clifton Bar has lost out, in the fight for resources, with the more favoured Rose and Crown. The Rose and Crown is an old pub directly opposite the Club and Hotel. Control of this was recently negotiated by X and it has been totally renovated. As well as being an atmospheric pub, it offers good food and a "beer garden". X is a dynamic entrepreneur
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