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< previous page page_119 next page > Page 119 Chapter 6 Strategic Assumption Surfacing and Testing (SAST) We have had accounts of men as animals, men as machines, men as biochemical complexes with certain ways of their own, but there remains the greatest difficulty of achieving a human understanding of man in human terms. R. D. Laing, The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise. 6.1 Introductio n Having studied system dynamics and viable system diagnosis, both of which (although in very different ways) use models related to the situation of concern to assist decision makers, we arrive, with strategic assumption surfacing and
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testing (SAST), at a wholly different approach to the use of systems ideas. SAST looks different, and is different, from the previously considered methodologies because it focuses managers' attention on
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Unformatted text preview: the relationship between the participants involved in a problem context, and not on the supposed characteristics of the &quot;system&quot; that constitutes the problem context. In terms of the &quot;system of systems methodologies&quot; matrix, it is the &quot;participants'' rather than the &quot;systems&quot; dimension that is now to receive the main attention. The human and political aspects of organisations are brought to the fore, while the issue of organisational structure slides into the background (but may re-emerge after issues of plurality are resolved). Not surprisingly, therefore, the &quot;machine&quot;, &quot;organism&quot; and &quot;brain&quot; metaphors, are less in evidence, as the &quot;culture&quot; and &quot;coalition&quot; metaphors come into their own. SAST was designed as an approach suitable for ill-structured problem contexts &lt; previous page page_119 next page &gt;...
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page_119 - the relationship between the participants...

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