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< previous page page_121 next page > Page 121 6.2.1 Churchman's Philosophy as the Inspiration of SAST Churchman's most pithy account of the thinking underlying his version of systems analysis comes in four statements at the end of his book The Systems Approach . There it is stated that: "The systems approach begins when first you see the world through the eyes of another." Here we have a lesson from the German philosopher Kant. We are reminded that we all tell a particular story of the world based on our own taken for granted, a priori , assumptions. However, it is as well to recognise that there are other equally legitimate stories based upon alternative sets of a priori assumptions. Once we recognise this we are en route for the systems approach because it becomes clear that
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"subjectivity" must be embraced in systems thinking; different evaluations of what we want to attain from systems, and of their current state of performance, are possible. The only way to come close to grasping the
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