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page_122 next page > Page 122 American pragmatist philosopher, E. A. Singer. Increasing human purposefulness and participation in systems design in a never-ending process that needs pursuing in the "heroic mood". There is a need to bring about a consensus around a particular world view so that decisions can be taken. Before this world view can congeal into becoming the status quo, however, it should itself be subject to attack from forceful alternative perspectives. Perhaps the most important aspect of all this to be clear about, is the shift proposed by Churchman in our understanding of "objectivity" in the systems approach. In the "hard" and "cybernetic" systems traditions, objectivity is perceived to rest on the efficacy of some model of the system of concern. Either the model represents the system of concern (as in system dynamics) or it can suggest, on the basis of the scientific laws it encapsulates, faults in the system of concern (as with viable system diagnosis). In
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