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< previous page page_128 next page > Page 128 tunity is lost to produce plans premised upon other points of view. In the devil's advocate approach, managers and planners produce a planning document which is then subject to criticism by top management. The criticism may uncover some assumptions. However, this approach often encourages top management to be hypercritical, with the added problem that, if they are too opposed, the suggested plan disintegrates with no alternative to replace it. In these circumstances planners may be tempted to produce "safe" plans to protect themselves from severe criticism. Again, with the devil's advocate approach, the chance is lost to develop alternative plans constructed on different world views. A dialectical approach, such as SAST, is seen as overcoming all the weaknesses of the other two methods. 6.5 SAST in Action: The Example of Winterton Co- Operative Development Agency
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The worked example now provided to illustrate the use of SAST, within the TSI
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page_128 - Page 128 tunity...

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