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< previous page page_129 next page > Page 129 exceptionally important area of disagreement in the CDA about the desirability and feasibility of one possible future strategy which emerged in the course of employing Checkland's approach. It was suggested (and captured in one "root definition"see Chapter 8) that a useful way to consider Winterton CDA was as a system seeking to recruit individuals to form workers' co-operatives in particular fields where business opportunities exist. The possible strategy floated here was flagrantly a "top- down" way of carrying out co- operative development work, as opposed to the more usual "bottom-up" approach. The top-down approach involves identifying business opportunities and then recruiting individuals into co- operatives to exploit those opportunities. It is usually viewed with great distrust in co-operative circles. The preferred approach is bottom- up, essentially encouraging and assisting groups already thinking about starting
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