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< previous page page_130 next page > Page 130 about which individuals or groups might/might not support a case for the top-down strategy. Stakeholders listed are shown in Table 6.1. The combined, long list of stakeholders facilitated the emergence of numerous assumptions supporting/against the top-down strategy as each group, during assumption specification, asked of itself what it was assuming about each stakeholder in believing its arguments to be correct. These were rated as to their importance and certainty by the groups on the assumption rating chart. Tables 6.2 and 6.3 contain lists of those assumptions rated most significant by the two groups, (i.e. those appearing in the right-hand quadrants of Figure 6.1). The particular stakeholder generating each assumption is noted in brackets. The groups were then brought back together to engage in dialectical debate. During the presentations it became clear that the groups were emphasising assumptions derived from consideration of different stakeholders as the main props for
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