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< previous page page_131 next page > Page 131 Table 6.2 The top five assumptions concerning the stakeholders recorded in Table 6.1 Group 1 (for top-down) Group 2 (against top-down) another way to set up workers' co- operatives (potential clients) mixed feelings of the development workers towards the strategy (development workers) increases the CDA's credibility in job creation (funding bodies) lack of group cohesion among the co- operators (potential clients) ensures continuous support to the CDA (funding bodies) lack of willingness to co-operate among the co-operators (potential clients) carries out the expectations of the funding bodies (funding bodies) getting people who are not motivated (the unemployed) strengthens the co-operative sector (established co-operatives) less development workers' time on helping existing co-operatives (established co- operatives) "established co-operatives" (less development worker time for them, suspicion). This analysis helped clarify for the participants
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