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< previous page page_133 next page > Page 133 synthesis proved impossible to achieve, the chances of genuine consensus around specific issues was improved and this brought benefits. The inclusion of the items mentioned above in an action plan would not have been possible without the changes in perception brought about through the use of SAST. 6.6 Critique of SAST Having gained an appreciation of SAST and the way in which it is employed, we are now in a position to appraise its usefulness to systems practitioners. We carry out the analysis in the usual way, drawing upon the meta- paradigmatic net previously developed. This should ensure that a rounded assessment is achieved. Theor
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y (a) As the Winterton CDA example showed, SAST is largely true to the four tenets on which it is built. It is adversarial, integrative and profoundly managerial mind supporting. In the right circumstances it can encourage and orientate a participative style of problem management.
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