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page_135 next page > Page 135 alternative planning approaches, such as the devil's advocate. DIS failed to show itself unequivocally as a superior aid. Indeed, Cosier argues that, although the conflict component of DIS is functional, this can be better delivered by the devil's advocate approach, and without the formality, complexity, and need for training in dialectical method implied by DIS. Cosier's contribution is useful, but more because it helps clarify some of the important features of SAST than because the criticisms are well directed. As Mitroff and Mason argue, the problem with Cosier's critique is that it assesses DIS as an approach to "well- structured problems" rather than, what it is intended to be, an approach to "ill-structured problems". In extracting problems from the "real world" for the purposes of his experiments, Cosier has inevitably imposed more structure on them than would normally be present with ill- structured examples. If he had not done so he would hardly be
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