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< previous page page_136 next page > Page 136 6.7 Case Study: Thornton Printing Company 6.7.1 Your Task You are an outside consultant brought in to consider the appropriateness of the managing director's strategy for dealing with the problems of Thornton Printing Company. You are impressed by the proposed quality management programme, but worried about whether enough thought has gone into preparing for its introduction. Your training in TSI tells you that unless more work is done, the programme may flounder on existing fundamental weaknesses in the company which the programme does not address. You want to use TSI to tackle these problems in due course, but first you need to convince the managing director of the validity of your immediate concerns. To achieve this you initially choose SAST as your
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dominant methodology, hoping to reveal the assumptions upon which the quality management programme is based. Your task, therefore, is to use SAST to reveal the assumptions underlying the quality
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