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< previous page page_139 next page > Page 139 and the workers feel that some suppliers deliberately try to get away with providing poor preparatory products (e.g. printing plates). In the circumstances the workers fail to see why they should show the "flexibility" needed to ensure the best utilisation of the new high technology machines. In the face of these external threats and internal problems, Thornton could obviously do with a well trained and highly aware management team. In fact, this is lacking. Management jobs are specialised and there is little team spirit. Amazingly, a number of the senior managers fail to see the scale of the difficulties facing Thornton and are reluctant to change. There is no management training either for senior or middle managers. There is no standardized personnel policy, with each manager carrying out, in his/her own way, coaching and performance appraisal. Most frequently these activities are not done at all, so there is no proper management of subordinates and human relations problems proliferate.
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