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< previous page page_144 next page > Page 144 poet William Blake: "I must Create a System, or be enslav'd by another Man's." It is indeed the case that the spirit of Blake's maxim is well captured by Russell Ackoff's work. He has shown why it is apposite to the management sciences, and why it is just as relevant, probably more relevant, to the modern era (the "systems age") as to the time when Blake wrote it. Ackoff's achievement goes beyond this, however. For in his book Creating the Corporate Future , subtitled "plan or be planned for", Ackoff sets out a detailed methodology through which desirable futures can be planned and pursued. This "interactive planning'' has as its operating principles that planning should be continuous, holistic and participative, and has, as its most original element, the idea that the phases of the planning process should be centred around the design of an "idealised future". It is a methodology which
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page_144 - Page 144 poet...

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