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< previous page page_147 next page > Page 147 Interactivist planners do not want to return to the past, to keep things as they are, or to accept some inevitable future. They take into account the past, the present and predictions about the future, but use these only as inputs into a process of planning aimed at designing a desirable future and inventing ways of bringing it about. They believe that the future can be affected by what organisations and their stakeholders do now. What they all should do, therefore, is reach out for ideals. If inactivists satisfice and preactivists optimise, then interactivists "idealise". Sometimes Ackoff presents the difference between interactivists and other types of planners in an alternative formulation. According to this representation, while other planners seek to "resolve" or "solve" problems, interactivists want to dissolve them. Resolving problems is the approach favoured by most managers. It is a "satisficing", trial and error approach, based
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