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< previous page page_157 next page > Page 157 Chainwide seniority and transfer rights for all employees were conceded. The results in this case were remarkable. In the face of store closings, conflict was dissolved and a new venture based on management-union co-operation was created and realised. Super Fresh opened its 29th store by December 1982 and hired 2015 workers during a period characterised by the highest unemployment rate since the Second World War. The original goals were 24 store openings and 2000 hired workers by the end of 1982. The very same stores that had been closed down only six months earlier began to establish record sales and profits almost every week. In June 1983, A & P announced its first profitable quarter in two years. In November 1986 A & P renamed its 47 Washington and Baltimore stores Super Fresh. As Businessweek said, and Tom Peters repeated in his book, Thriving on Chaos , "A & P's rivals said [it was] crazy to offer one percent bonuses in a business where profit margins aren't much larger. But the dividends from the Philadelphia experience have
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silenced them." 7.6
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