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< previous page page_159 next page > Page 159 Ackoff does not think very much of the critics' argument. He observes that he has not in his work come across the "irresolvable conflicts" that the critics talk about. All the conflicts he has met, he has been able to address with the interactive planning approach. He suspects that the critics merely assert that such conflicts exist. If they went out and tried to use interactive planning on conflicts they see as irresolvable, they might find out differently. But they are unlikely to do so because this might shatter a dogma they value more than the truth. (d) Ackoff's work is further criticised because of its alleged failure to come to terms with "structural" features of social reality such as conflict and power. No reference is made to structural inequalities in organisations determining conflict. For Ackoff, conflict seems always to be at the ideological level and is essentially dealt with by ideological manipulation. Perhaps it is possible
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page_159 - Page 159 Ackoff...

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