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< previous page page_161 next page > Page 161 If, however, Ackoff were to broaden his studies to challenge the hierarchical nature of organisations, the ultimate decision-making rights of powerful stakeholders, or the unequal distribution of organisational resources to different stakeholders, then he would soon provoke conflicts which revealed deep status and economic inequalities in organisations which could not be spirited away by idealised design. Ackoff responds that he makes what changes are possible in the circumstances prevailing. Better this than wait for some judgement day when all wrongs can be corrected. If he works with managers, then that is because they are often the most enlightened group and can see that benefiting other stakeholders will also benefit themselves. Utilit y
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(a) Ackoff has demonstrated the usefulness of interactive planning as a practical systems approach in hundreds of projects with organisations of all types in the United States and elsewhere. It has been one
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