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< previous page page_162 next page > Page 162 7.7 Case Study: A Coffee Selling Organisation 7.7.1 Introductio n The following recounts the main features of post- computerisation in the Sales department of a coffee selling organisation. As you will see, the situation is far from ideal for any of the parties concerned. The Managing Director has decided to call in consultants. Other main actors, as you will discover, are the Sales Manager, Sales Coordinator, MIS/finance Manageress, and a variety of customers. The task that you are asked to tackle follows. 7.7.2 Your Task
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This task is best approached by a group. If possible, therefore, read the information below and then organise yourselves so that you represent about five relevant actors. Think very hard about the perception and needs of the actor you are playing, of course injecting your own knowledge and understanding. Then, with one person acting as an interactive planning oriented consultant and facilitator, pass through the methodology. Formulate
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