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< previous page page_164 next page > Page 164 Coordinator before order confirmation. This was done because the finished goods stock figures on the computer were of questionable accuracy. The Sales Coordinator also noted that the MIS/finance Manageress felt the need to do computer back-up and batch update around noon time. This caused the computer to be inaccessible to the users for two hours. The processing of sales orders, as a result, could not be completed during the morning. The MIS/finance Manageress, for her part, has shown great pride in the computerisation project undertaken by her MIS department. She feels that the users are at fault for not communicating their requirements clearly to her earlier. She strongly maintains that the chosen package, which was supported by Headquarters in the United Kingdom, is the best package for Hull Far East. There is a very strong sense of ownership by the MIS/finance department over the use of the new
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computer system, but the same
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