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< previous page page_167 next page > Page 167 Chapter 8 Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) A trap is a trap only for creatures which cannot solve the problem that it sets. Man-traps are dangerous only in relation to the limitations on what men can see and value and do. The nature of the trap is a function of the nature of the trapped. To describe either is to imply the other. Sir G. Vickers, Freedom in a Rocking Boat (Part I, The Trap) 8.1 Introductio n C. West Churchman and Russell L. Ackoff in the 1950s and 1960s were pioneers in the social systems sciences. Churchman developed a powerful philosophical base which, as we have seen, provided the grounding on which the methodological
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principles of strategic assumption surfacing and testing (SAST, explored in
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6) were constructed and, as we will find out, provided much of the inspiration behind critical systems heuristics (unravelled in Chapter 9). Ackoff pursued a more practically directed career, culminating in his work with INTERACT (Institute for Interactive Management) in Philadelphia. Neither of these huge contributors to soft systems thinking has lost sight of his original intent, to work with complex issues while acknowledging the subjective appreciations of human participants. Churchman's and Ackoff's contributions have been covered in the previous two chapters. Soft systems is not complete and does not finish with these remarkable contributions, however. < previous page page_167 next page >...
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page_167 - Chapter 6 were constructed and as we will find...

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