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< previous page page_175 next page > Page 175 into ideal "root definitions" and "conceptual models", before being brought back into the "real world'' for context- related examination. 8.4.3 Stage 3: Formulating Root Definitions While Stages 1 and 2 help in the creation of diverse relevant systems, which are pure views of purposeful activity that may promote action for improvement in the problem situation, Stage 3 is concerned with expanding each of these into concise well formulated verbal statements. Each statement will be quickly tried out by moving around Stages 25, as the systemic learning principle underlying SSM recommends. A root definition is an idealised view of what a relevant system should be. The aim is to draw out the essence of what is to be done, why it is to be done, who is to do it, who is to benefit or suffer from it and what environmental constraints limit the actions and activities. This is achieved by formulating the statement
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around six elements: Customersthe
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