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< previous page page_176 next page > Page 176 8.4.4 Stage 4: Building Conceptual Models Whereas the root definition from Stage 3 is an account of what the idealised system is, the "conceptual model" built directly from the root definition, in Stage 4, is an account of the activities which the ideal system must do in order to fulfil the requirements of the root definition. A hint here: if there is one rule in SSM, then that rule states conceptual models must be developed from their relevant root definitions and from nothing else. A conceptual model is constructed by drawing out the minimum number of verbs that are necessary to describe the activities that would have to be present to carry out the task named in the root definition. These are then logically ordered according to how they depend on each other and how they would work together in the "real system". These "human activity system" models will at the first stage of
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their development contain around seven verbs. A usual feature is to have a number of
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