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< previous page page_179 next page > Page 179 how it could more efficiently serve the county in which it operated, and how it might market its services in order to achieve its objectives. SSM was chosen as the dominant methodology because the study required consideration of both norms and values (cultural issues) and organisational structure and processes (systemic matters for which organismic models would be useful). The study undertaken was a very conventional Mode I use of SSM in which the methodology guided the project to the extent that the Figure 8.1 representation of SSM was pinned to the wall of Winterton CDA with deadlines noted on it. 8.5.2 Description of the Situation Winterton CDA grew out of
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research on job creation and the economic problems of the county carried out by the Industrial Studies Unit of the University of Winterton. A Steering Committee was formed to set up a local CDA and the Agency started its operations in 1985. The running costs of the Agency are financed by grants from the
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page_179 - Page 179 how it...

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