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< previous page page_184 next page > Page 184 (5) Present advertising policies mainly involve using leaflets, press releases and posters, etc. It seems they are inadequate; other possibilities must be considered. (6) Monitoring and control activities are carried out instinctively at worker meetings, or at internal reviews. But present control devices seem inadequate and there is no standard against which to measure actual performance. In other words, the control system is not working properly. Stage 6 After asking the questions "Is this activity done at present?" " If so, how?", to identify weak or non-existent "hows" at the comparison stage, another question was asked to suggest possible "hows". The question was:
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"How might the activity be done?" The desirability and feasibility of each "how" was then debated with the development workers. The results were again displayed in tabular form. Since many of these results found their way into recommendations for change at Stage 7 we shall not detail
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