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< previous page page_188 next page > Page 188 represent is unchanging. To fail to make any attempt to link ideas to social and economic circumstances, to make no attempt to address this serious issue, is a definite weakness of SSM. (c) Adopting an idealist position and working from within interpretive social theory, it is argued that Checkland cannot properly address issues of conflict and coercion. All conflict must apparently be of an ideological nature so that it can be removed by promoting mutual understanding. Coercion, brought about by power relationships, cannot be recognised at all either in its naked form or in its more subtle types when it acts to keep important issues off the agenda for debate or succeeds in inculcating "false consciousness" into the minds of oppressed groups. Methodolog y
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(a) Changes emerging for implementation are supposed to be both systemically desirable and culturally feasible. However, in practice, the criterion of cultural feasibility dominates that of
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