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< previous  page page_193 next page > Page 193 Figure 8.6 ECD's organisational structure employee appraisal system is being used. It is a closed appraisal (employees are not involved) and is done at the end of each year. The annual pay increments of employees depend on how well they fare in this appraisal. ECD has maintained a team of very young salespeople. Their average age is about 28 years. Unfortunately, they lack proper training and professionalism, and do not seem motivated to establish and develop good customer relations. Lack of knowledge about what the company can offer leads to an inability to service customers properly.
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The pricing method is based on the traditional way of "cost plus mark- up" for all brokerage business. The mark-up can range from 25% to 40% and the sales staff are not allowed to sell below 25% mark-up unless authorised by the Sales Manager. As for the OEM sales, the pricing is
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Unformatted text preview: set solely by the respective principals. The salesforce will negotiate on their behalf. If special pricing is required, authorisation will be sought from these principals. On occasions profit margins derived from commissions on these sales can be as low as 5%. The marketing department is also responsible for conducting product training for the sales staff. The Sales Manager and Customer Services Supervisors are responsible for the initial training of new sales staff and customer services representatives respectively. There is no continuous training programme. After salespeople have been on-board for a few months or after probation, they simply slot into their jobs and are scarcely trained again. An annual budget of about 0.10f sales is set aside for &quot;settling-in&quot; training. Staff development programmes are also lacking &lt; previous page page_193 next page &gt;...
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page_193 - set solely by the respective principals. The...

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