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< previous page page_199 next page > Page 199 9.2 Philosophy of CSH For Ulrich, the purpose of systems thinking is scientifically to inform planning and design so as to secure an improvement in the human condition. The systems approach is, therefore, an exercise in practical reason, not theoretical reason. Its aim is to help us decide what ought to be done, not to produce knowledge of what is . The main issue is, for Ulrich, that he finds the two classical epistemological positions relating to practical reason to be untenable. On the one hand the "scientistic" approach (followed by systems science) believes that no scientific guidance can be provided in formulating what ends to pursue, only on what is possible and on what means will secure predefined ends. Ulrich is unwilling to leave the matter of what we ought to do to "decision" or, indeed, to accept the means-end distinction which gives
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scientism sole discretion with regard to means: "Do not means involve value judgements and consequences
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