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< previous page page_200 next page > Page 200 man ("every world view is terribly restricted") in seeing Kant's systems idea as an admonition to reflect critically on the inevitable lack of comprehensiveness and partiality of all systems designs. It is by reference to the whole systems concepts entering into these partial presuppositions that critique becomes possible. Finally, heuristics refers to a process of uncovering "objectivist" deceptions and of helping planners and concerned participants to "unfold" messy issues through critical reflection. It also signals that Ulrich is not going to attempt to ground critical reflection theoretically but to provide a method by which presuppositions and their inevitable partiality can be kept constantly under review. These arguments are further developed in a debate with the ideas on social systems design present in or inferred from the writings of Popper, Habermas and Kant. Popper's primary concern is
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