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< previous page page_201 next page > Page 201 little practical application. In order to enter into Habermas' debate, speakers must be willing and able to exhibit communicative competence. This tends to presuppose the very rationality the debate was designed to ensure. Habermas, in attempting to ground his critical reflection theoretically, cuts himself off from "realities" of the practical world in which personal and group interests inevitably contaminate any such debate. Far better, Ulrich argues, to ground critical reflection on practice heuristically, provide a method by which practical judgements can be constantly reflected upon and their partiality revealed by ordinary everyday accounts of the nature of social experience. It is on a reconstruction of Kant's philosophy that Ulrich attempts to build his critical heuristics on a systems basis. Kant hoped to justify the kind of knowledge we have about the world. He was particularly concerned about what he called synthetic a priori
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