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< previous page page_202 next page > Page 202 etc., that went into its design. They should enable any potential systems design to be interrogated as to its presuppositions. Ulrich has shown the heuristic necessity of certain concepts for understanding social system designs. He now has to demonstrate how, making use of these concepts, particular social system designs can be validated and accepted for implementation. Here Ulrich follows Habermas rather than Kant and requires some sort of participative debate to provide the final justification for practical knowledge. Habermas' forum of speakers exhibiting communicative competence has, however, already been found impracticable. Ulrich suggests instead a "dialectical" solution to the problem. It is not enough that the involved, making use of the heuristically necessary concepts, be self- reflective about the partiality of their social system designs. They must be subject also to a
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