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< previous page page_206 next page > Page 206 Table 9.1 The 12 critically heuristic boundary questions in the "is" mode (1) Who is the actual client of S's design, i.e. who belongs to the group of those whose purposes (interests and values) are served, in distinction to those who do not benefit but may have to bear the costs or other disadvantages? (2) What is the actual purpose of S's design, as being measured not in terms of declared intentions of the involved but in terms of the actual consequences? (3) What, judged by the design's consequences, is its built in measure of success ? (4) Who is actually the decison taker , i.e. who can actually change the measure of success? (5) What conditions of successful planning and implementation of S are really controlled by the decision taker?
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(6) What conditions are not controlled by the decision taker, i.e. what represents " environment " to him? (7) Who is actually involved as planner?
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page_206 - Page 206 Table...

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