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< previous page page_209 next page > Page 209 exclusively designed to work in organisations such as companies, firms and the like. Macrosocial difficulties and the problems to which they give rise hardly influenced at all the main evolutionary phase of SSM. Further, the nature of the issues being confronted demanded an approach which was able to penetrate the contradictory positions of those involved and affected. It was simply no good in this multi-agency situation, to expect the constraint "cultural feasibility" to work positively. The actors did not form a loose coalition with basic interests in common which could be appealed to, as possible social system designs were negotiated, with some expectation of compromise. We discovered all this during the process of applying soft systems ideas to the difficulties at hand. In the spirit of TSI, we maintained an open mind about other possibilities, and how and why they might prove to be beneficial. The following account represents a reworking
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