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page_213 next page > Page 213 9.5.3 Applying the 12 Critically Heuristic Categories In this example, we will concentrate on the first part of critical systems heuristics, employing the 12 critically heuristic categories, in the "is" mode to interrogate the proposed social system design of a multi-agency approach to the carrying of offensive weapons. We shall do this as far as our knowledge of the situation allows. In the case study we shall then ask you to carry out the same analysis in the "ought" mode, considering alternative clients, purposes, etc., and thus generating alternative social system designs. A thorough critique of the proposed strategy should then have been achieved. At the outset we need to define S, the social system design. S relates to the Metropolitan Police Force, in particular the Lambeth Borough, as it upholds the laws relating to the carrying of offensive weapons. We are concerned with the
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