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< previous page page_214 next page > Page 214 the carrying of offensive weapons, crudely speaking, as either infringing their rights to self-protection in the case of some carriers, or supporting a society with class distinction between the "haves and have- nots". In Ulrich's terms, the purpose of S is either to suppress citizens' rights to self- defence, or to support the structure of a two class society. The multi-agency approach may have no effect on this conception, or may even strengthen it, being seen as a way of consolidating the current situation. 3 What, judged by the design's consequences, is it's built-in measure of success? A traditional measure has been the progress or regress of crime, measured according to standard statistics. These statistics have recently been accepted as highly inaccurate measures of crime and crime reduction. For example, they are based only on reported crime, leaving out what is generally agreed to be a
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substantial number of crimes which are not reported because
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