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< previous page page_215 next page > Page 215 The most obvious is the Police Force, who can make judgements about the actual, rather than reported, crimes, and who decide upon what constitutes a "clear-up". The measure of success, however, can be changed by way of defining and redefining what actually is a crime related to offensive weapons. Whoever is able to amend existing, or create new, laws is a decision taker. Ultimately, in the United Kingdom, this is the Home Office. One additional decision taker can be identified; the media. All forms of media have a strong influence over how the public understands and measures the success of bodies like the Police Force. Since this "measure" can become all important, the media must be identified as decision takers. 5
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What conditions of successful planning and implementation of S are really controlled by the decision taker? The social design, relating to police strategy towards the carrying of offensive weapons, incorporates the idea of a
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