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< previous page page_216 next page > Page 216 8 Who is involved as ''expert", of what kind is his expertise, what role does he actually play? Many of the actors are considered to be experts in their particular field or vocation, each having a valid contribution to make within the debate. For example, a representative from the schools will be an expert in the running of schools and the kinds of issue which are of concern to those responsible for developing the character and intellect of children. 9 Where do the involved see the guarantee that their planning will be successful? The guarantee has traditionally been only with a minority, but with a multi-agency approach, those involved might see the guarantee in a form of local
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societal consensus. 10 Who among the involved witnesses represents the concerns of the affected? Who is or may be affected without being involved? Ideally, in a multi-agency manner of organising people around an issue, all of those affected will be involved, at
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page_216 - Page 216 8 Who...

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